1. To interact with fellow book lovers and help them discover new books to read
  2. To keep a record of my thoughts on each book I read


I am an anonymous book blogger who resides somewhere in Canada. I absolutely adore reading and writing so I decided to give book blogging a shot.

I love to read nearly everything  as I believe every book deserves to be given an equal chance but do tend to judge books on their covers occasionally.


I am open to reviewing any of the following genres of books:

  • YA novels
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance (Non-erotica as I will only request erotic if I really want to read it)
  • Literary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Time Travel, Dystopian, Steampunk, Really just any of the sub genres
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Comic
  • Manga
  • Mystery

Memoirs and Autobiography’s are in the gray area. I’ll read some but not all. Same with picture books as I’d probably read them once and them pass them off to one of my younger cousins.

I will absolutely not read any political, marketing or advertising books.

For any other genres please contact me directly at cgdooley2418@gmail.com


Every book in the review copy category was a book sent to me for free by the author/publisher. Any opinion is solely my own.


  1. This was a waste of time
  2. Meh, it was pretty mediocre
  3. This was an ok book
  4. This book was pretty good
  5. This book was amazing!
  6. Holy crap, this book was life changing!!!